Rich Bishop

As a developer, I understand technology.
As a business owner, I understand your objectives.
As both, I can get the best from your resources. 

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About me

Hello! I’m Rich Bishop

I first started as a Web and IT Consultant at 16 years of age and ran the business part time while at sixth-form, and while gaining my BSc (Hons) Internet Technology and Mobile Computing at Staffordshire University, where once I graduated in 2008, I was invited back to lecture.

In 2010, I became a co-founder of a medical device company, which received EU funding, filed for a European patent, and saw me flown all over the world as an ambassador of UK technology and innovation. I grew my own software development team of 12, ranging from young apprentices through to experienced graduate developers.

Now I am working with companies and organisations up and down the country, and internationally, to identify solutions to systems problems in a range of industries from accounting and telecoms to radio stations and infrastructure contractors.

I’ve developed and managed software for use on the Web, as well as standalone apps for Android, Apple and Windows devices.

I’m a member of the WM Regional Development Fund ICT Excellence Club, a charity trustee, a Google Authorised Reseller, Google Partner, a Microsoft Development Partner, and an advisor to EU ERDF Funded technology projects in the UK.

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If there’s something you think I can help your business with, please let me know the details below, and I’ll get back to you with how I can help!