My 30 at 30 Challenge

Do you know of 30 good causes who I can help?

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I've achieved a lot in my 30 years

Before my 30th Birthday, I’d been warned about horror stories of waking up and thinking about all the things I haven’t done in my life; all the goals I haven’t met, all the missed opportunities I let slip by.

But, instead I woke up thinking about all I have achieved, all the things I’ve done that have made me and those around me proud, and all those items on life’s to-do list that I’ve actually managed to tick off.

Of course, there’s a few I didn’t… I still haven’t operated a bin lorry, driven a bus, and unfortunately I didn’t magically become a millionaire in time for my 30th Birthday!

I've been very lucky

But, in all seriousness, whether it be through learning, teaching, working, meeting people, loving, losing, experiencing incredible things or fighting back when everything crashed down around me… whatever it is, I’ve achieved a lot of it over the last 30 years, and I’m so, so, lucky to have had that!

I want to do more to help where I can

I already try hard to share that luck around – helping where I can make a difference. But this year… to celebrate me making it this far… I want to give even more back to the community!

So, I've set myself a challenge

Over the next year (or so) I want to help 30 charities, or not-for-profits, to help them work better and more efficiently in the future. I want to use my software skills, my business experience, my contacts and my spare time, to do whatever I can to help these amazing organisations support more people who need their help.

Do you know of 30 good causes who I can help?

Do you know of charities and organisations that I can help?

Or, can you also offer skills or time to help me achieve this?

I can’t promise I’ll help them all, and I can’t promise to give away all of my time… but I do promise to do as much as I can to help as many as I can!

Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Get in touch!